How to use the Artemix magnetic palette?


If you think you are confused of how to use the Artemix Magnetic Mixing Palette and why you need it in your kit ASAP...check out this video. 

So, what do you think after watching this video? 

It's a Magnetic Mixing On-the-go Palette where you can carry all the makeup, paint, supplies you need when you are doing makeup, body paint, face paint etc. You can depot those eyeshadows or paint that comes in those big packaging that occupies so much space in your kit and magnetize them just by sticking magnetic stickers. You can also depot in the pans or just mix paint in the pans too. You can mix, match and switch the colors and products your using in seconds without putting the palette down. 

We hope this explained a little about our revolutionary magnetic system for the makeup world. Please let us know what you think, comment, tag us, repost us using the #theartofmakeup #artemixnyc. I'll leave you with a little video :) Talk to you soon!