Possibly Adding New Shades of Vegan 100% Natural Makeup

Hello again!

Most of you do not know this, BUT Artemix originally offered 10 VEGAN, 100% NATURAL mineral cosmetic pigments to the shop! Because we are a start up cosmetic company, solely focusing on educating makeup lovers on our amazing new tool (not makeup,) we made the decision to pull the 10 shades of stunning pigments off the market. It was a tough decision considering all of us at Artemix LOVE makeup, but we thought we should thoroughly show you guys our first of its kind, magnetic system before we release any other material. We were pretty set in our decision until we attended The Makeup Shop in NYC. On a whim, we wanted to test out the pigments we already had in stock. We thought "Hey well this is a makeup convention, we should bring our pigments just to have on us!" Turns out they were a HIT! Everyone loved them and were so impressed at how luminescent they were! Since then we have seriously been thinking about re introducing them, or at least the most popular shades. We need your thoughts! Let us know your favorite shades of pigments and we will work ASAP on bringing them back!

Constellation (matte charcoal with purple undertones). Demi (deep bright blue shimmer). Divinity (pure white shimmer). Elysium (brilliant gold shimmer). Equinox (champagne shimmer). Essence (matte charcoal). Nebula (matte royal purple). Nymph (matte moss green). Realm (matte sunset orange). Strawberry Moon (matte light muted pink)


Comment below and tell us what shades are your fav!

xoxo Artemix