The Artemix Palette is Now On Amazon!

Searching the web for a magnetic mixing palette? Look no further! Artemix is now selling ALL of our products on Amazon! Since our revolutionary tool is limitless, we want our consumer base to be as well! 

We sell on Amazon our Magnetic Starter Kit which includes-

  • Magnetic Palette - A tool used to interchange products so you can blend, and mix and match.
  • 10 Magnetic 5 gram empty containers - Allows you to store your products while creating a secure bond so you can customize products.
  • 30 Magnetic Mixing Pans - For mixing or depotting and custom blending products.
  • 50 Magnetic Stickers - Peel off the backing and attach to your non-magnetized makeup.  

You can purchase our kit here

You can also purchase each item separately.

The Artemix Palette

10g Magnetic Containers

5g Magnetic Containers

Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic Pans

Stay tuned for more updates on offers, giveaways and more!