Bagatelle NYC Event Planner Mixer 2018

Hi everyone! 

Guess who's back at Bagatelle?


We offered Custom Logo Tattoos at Bagatelle, a famous French bistro in NYC known for their party brunches, Event Planner Mixer!

Bagatelle has a special place in our hearts.

We have made so many memories with Bagatelle's team this year, such as launching The Artemix Palette, as well as painting the faces of the staff members Halloween weekend!

This past Wednesday was so much fun! Artemix was able to show event planners how great temporary tattoos are, and walk around body art is for all ages! We were literally turning heads as our artist Georgette strolled through the bistro, offering spectacular glitter tattoos. Another artist Janna was stationary offering the custom "I (Heart) Bagatelle" logo stencil, as an airbrush tattoo! The DJ was playing posh hits, the wine and spirits were flowing, and there was even a personalized photo booth! It was truly a magical night to remember!

We look forward to many more wonderful events this year at Bagatelle NYC!