Our Early Days

Tina Klideris

Inventing an Industry

I started my first business in 1998 after finishing esthetics school. I rented a mall kiosk and could barely wait to start selling my custom-blended lipstick. I envisioned myself busy all day, blending the perfect color of lipstick for women who would become loyal customers and refer their friends to me. Soon Artémix would thrive as a custom cosmetics company.

The only problem? No one came.

For up to 12 hours a day, I sat at that kiosk with barely any business. Months passed. Unless something changed soon, I knew I couldn't afford to rent the kiosk anymore. This could have been the end of my dream, but I refused to give up.

Just two days before I would have had to shut my kiosk down, I had an idea. Thinking back to esthetics school, I remembered how much fun I had the day we learned face and body painting.

Inspiration hit me like a lightning bolt. Could I attract customers by offering free hand painted temporary tattoos to their children? Maybe while mothers waited with their kids for temporary tattoos, they would be tempted to buy my lipstick.
One creative idea and my life changed forever.

Suddenly, the line of people waiting at my kiosk was so long that the storefronts around me started to complain to mall management. The line was so dense, it actually became a safety hazard! Though lipstick did start to sell better, I realized what people really wanted was the fun and happiness that temporary tattoos and face painting brought to their children. I decided to reinvent Artémix as a body art entertainment company.

Artémix quickly grew into a premium body art entertainment company. My business expanded into the corporate market to include clients like Bloomingdales, MTV, Swatch, and many more influential clients.

What began at a kiosk in a mall in 1998 is now a thriving business that fills me with pride. Artémix Entertainment has grown to a team of more than 25 artists, has serviced over 200 event planners, and has been hired for more than 6,000 events. Every day I wake up excited to lead a company that provides a livelihood for local artists and brings joy and excitement to our clients.

Check out these pictures from the early days of Artémix!