Helping Non-Profits Raise Funds

Helping Non-Profits Raise Funds

Fundraising Zone

How it Works

It's really simple... let us know your fundraising goals and we will partner with your organization to help you raise funds through merchandise sales. Artemix will absorb all the costs from production to delivery: masks, printing costs, credit card fees, tax, and shipping.

What We Need

To check funds raised at any time, you will need a login account.
Please create an account here

Additionally, please plan for the following:
  1. Provide your design, or let one of our artists design a custom artwork.
  2. For each design/artwork, a corresponding name and a description.
  3. A marketing plan for your fundraising items on

What You Get

  1. 20% of each item sold under your fundraising is donated to your organization.
  2. You will receive an email notification of credit updates to your account each time an item with your brand is sold.
  3. The payments are made monthly and an electronic check is emailed to you for that amount within 2 weeks.

Contact us below to get started