Our Founder


When Tina Klideris, a young girl from Queens New York was only eighteen years old, she attended Christine Valmy School of Esthetics. Afterwards she started her career as an esthetician, and nail technician. She began working at a salon in a local mall.

In 1998, after growing and learning, Tina transitioned and emerged into a competitive industry with hope, ambition, and drive. She began custom blending lipsticks at a small kiosk, dreaming of one day expanding into a world-renown custom-cosmetic brand; Artemix.

“I envisioned myself busy all day, blending the perfect shade of lipstick for women who would become loyal customers and refer their friends to my new business.”

As months passed by, the aspiring makeup artist’s services began to flop. Very rarely would Tina receive customers looking to customize their makeup. She knew that if she didn’t think of a solution to this problem, she would have to shut down her kiosk, along with her dreams.

One creative idea changed her life forever.

“Inspiration hit me like a lightning bolt.”

Tina decided to offer free hand-painted, temporary tattoos to women’s children to attract customers. Tina’s lipsticks sold like wildfire, because of her hand painted tattoos! “I realized what people really wanted was the fun and happiness that temporary tattoos and face painting brought to their children.”

It was in that moment, Tina knew she would invent an industry. She was the very first person to offer temporary tattoos at events! Today nearly twenty years later, Artemix has evolved and flourished into New York City's premium art entertainment company. Over the years Tina dedicated her life to providing creative services to thousands of people. She pioneered and took the lead in the cosmetic world forming her own journey, gaining the nickname Tattoo Tina along the way! After decades of experience, Tina envisioned giving back all that she received from The Art of Makeup ®.

Tina sculpted a new path.

She designed a tool that will universally change the art industry, and infinitely help makeup artists create to their fullest potential: Time and experience dabbling with art, culture, and business in the heart of the world continues to inspire and challenge us to create exquisitely, efficiently and originally.

Our journey has brought us back to the beginning!

Tina Klideris- Founder

When we first formed Artemix, we had NO idea we would years-down-the-line develop a product that identically describes our name;
An Artists Mixing Palette!"