Our Palette

The Artemix® Palette

A Magnetic Artist’s Mixing Palette

The Artemix Palette is a revolutionary tool for artists of all types, such as Body Painters, Makeup Artists, Facepainters, Special FX Artists, Temporary Tattoo Artists and more! It’s an innovative artist’s mixing palette with ten magnets surrounding the surface, allowing you to magnetically attach, detach, interchange, and custom blend your products, comfortably and on-the-go. We have developed a magnetic system, where you can use our magnetic containers, fill them with your own cosmetic products, and magnetically attach them to your palette! We have designed, shaped, and patented The Artemix Palette with the artist in mind, so you can blend your products in the center of the palette to create unique shades.

The Artemix Magnetic System Includes:

☻Magnetic Palette – A tool used to magnetically interchange products and blend so you can create efficiently!

☻Magnetic Empty Containers – Allows you to store your products and mix and match freely while creating a secure bond, allowing you to customize and interchange products.

☻Magnetic Mixing Pans- For mixing or de-potting your own custom products.

☻Magnetic Stickers- Peel off the backing to attach your non-magnetized pans.

Getting to know your new magnetic tool.

Did you know?

☻ The Artemix Palette began development in 2014, and officially launched in December of 2017.

☻ The Artemix palette is design patented, and utility patent pending.

☻ There are NO other products like The Artemix Palette on the market!

☻ Every magnetic palette is hand assembled, right here in the USA.

☻ We include a set of mini mixing tools with any purchase, so you can start mixing right away!

☻ If it wasn't for Artemix Entertainment, we would have never thought of it's concept! We came up with this idea straight from the source!

☻ We are an indie brand! We pride ourselves in being an in-house buisness, dedicated to providing you exellent, personal service.

Design Patented #D755,291

Frequently asked questions

Where can I purchase the Artemix Magnetic Palette System?

You can purchase the Artemix Palette and Magnetic Tools on our Facebook Shop @artemixnyc.

How can I use The Artemix Palette?

Since there is no other cosmetic tool like this, sometimes people don't know the many ways you can use our magnetic palette.

The ideal use of The Artemix Palette is for Body Painting. You can attach the magnetic stickers we sell to the backs of your paint pans so they can attach to the magnetic palette. It's really great for painting a subject, without worrying about reaching for containers and making a mess. Everything is contained, AND you can mix in the center of the palette so you know what color you're painting with! You can paint a lot faster and easier with the palette. Other great ways you can use The Artemix Palette is for applying makeup on a person, and even applying temporary tattoos on the go!

What is "The Artemix Magnetic System?"

When we mentioned we've developed a magnetic system, we mean we have given you ALL the proper tools you need to create any kind of artwork with The Artemix Palette. You have your magnetic stickers. All you need to do is attach your products and you're good to go.

Why was the Artemix Palette created?

We designed our one-of-a-kind magnetic palette for all different types of artists. The purpose of the palette is to have your containers and pans magnetically attach to your mixing palette. We wanted to create a product for artists that would help them create fast and efficiently, minimizing discomfort.

What is Walk Around Body Art?

Walk Around Body Art is a one-of-a-kind service provided by Artemix Entertainment using The Artemix Palette! Artemix's strolling artists eliminate lines offering Glitter Tattoos, Mica Tattoos, and Ink It! Tattoos, with our magnetic mixing palette in hand. to book Walk Around Body Art for your next event click here!

Where can I use The Artemix Palette?

Here's our best answer- ANYWHERE! You can use the Artemix Palette at any event or function you choose!

Some of the events The Artemix Palette has been seen in use are

- Photo Shoots, models being touched up with their makeup

- Beauty Shows, such as the San Juan Beauty Show, and The TMS Makeup Shop

- Cruises such as Hornblower Cruises, where artists have offered glitter tattoos to passengers relaxing in the sun!

- Famous resturants, such as Bagatelle NYC, and Tao Downtown, Lavo. Artists paint the staffs faces, AS WELL as the guests themselves!

- Corporate Events, such as American Express and Blackstone

- Children's hospitals where artists have offered temporary tattoos to children, walking door to door with The Artemix Palette in hand.

- Summer Camps, where artist's walked around the campsite offering facepainting to children while they socialized!

- Bar and Bat Mitzvahs while artists applied temporary tattoos on guests at premium venues

- Department Stores and Shopping Malls such as Guess, Lord and Taylor in Manhasset and Garden City

- NYC Marathons where we promoted the release of our on the go palette!

- College and University events such as NYU, and Stony Brook University.

What is the relation to is the website to our service site. Artemix Entertainment is NYC's premium Art Entertainment Company, servicing the Tri State area since 1998. Without Artemix Entertainment, the concept of The Artemix Palette wouldnt have been formed. To know more about and how it started click here!