The Artist Behind the Mask

May 12, 2020


How our Founder Tina Klideris Faced Covid-19 head on and started a business from it.

Wearable Art Face Masks offer collectible, one-of-a-kind, Designer Limited-Edition prints that you can enjoy wearing as you stay safe in style during these shifting times. Printed on machine-washable, 100% cotton lightweight face covers . Wearable Art Face Masks use original hand-painted artwork created by our team of commissioned local NYC Artists. Own a piece of COVID-19 Art History and take pride in supporting our local Independent Artists who are significantly affected by the COVID public health crisis.

Wearable Face Art Masks are the brainchild of Tina Klideris, who as a COVID-19 survivor herself, had an unexpected source of inspiration: “From this pain and suffering an idea came to me, literally overnight.”

Accomplished entrepreneur and founder of New York City's premiere art entertainment company Artémix, Tina is known for her exuberant, creative spirit and innate business expertise. But as her company specializes in services like airbrush temporary tattoos, face painting, and walk-around body art for parties and events, in our current state of social distancing, many of her unique and in-demand services are temporarily put on hold. To keep up with the times, Tina was forced to imagine an extended branch of the Artémix brand.

“I'm not going to just sit around and wait for the EVENTS industry to open up whenever that may be. I'm not going to let this virus take my business away from me after owning it for half my life - 22 years . Instead of giving up , i will reinvent and reimagine Artemix.

Artémix began at a mall kiosk focusing on custom-blended cosmetics with just one artist in 1998, and has blossomed into the premier body art entertainment company in New York City, additionally servicing clients throughout the tri-state area at over six thousand events for over two decades. Learn more about Artémix Entertainment at:

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