Ink It! Temporary Tattoo Kit

Ink It! Temporary Tattoo Kit


The Ink It! Tattoo Magnetic Kit is a great way to provide body art services! 

Ink It! tattoos are an ultra real looking, texturized, matte-ink tattoo that can last up to one week! They are a paint-on solution that result in a non-permanent, lifelike tattoo! 

With the purchase of your Ink It Kit, you will receive-

•  5 standard colors; Red, Black, White, Yellow, and Blue. (1 ounce)

• 5 Empty 5 gram Magnetic Containers

• 1  Magnetic Container of Setting Powder

• 1 Magnetic Container of Magnetic Pans (30 pieces)

• 50 assorted stencils

1 mini sponge

• 1 mini pack of mixing tools

• 1 Instruction Manual describing how to apply Ink It! Tattoos

*Works great with the Artemix Palette!

All ink is safe, gentle and long lasting.

Our temporary tattoo ink lasts 3-5 days, and can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

Made in the USA. 

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