HI-Def Pigment Kit

HI-Def Pigment Kit


Our HI-Def Pigment Kit can be used as Makeup, and even Temporary Tattoos!

HI-Def Pigment Tattoos are temporary pigment tattoos applied with a stencil, and can last up to one week!

These are a great way to provide body art services!

With the purchase of your HI-Def Pigment Kit, you will receive-

• 10 All natural mineral pigments in 5 gram magnetic containers. 

• Constellation/Demi/Divinity/Elysium/Equinox/Essence/Nebula/Nymph/Realm/Strawberry Moon

• 1 Body Glue (1 oz)

• 1 Magnetic Container of Setting Powder

• 1 Magnetic Container of Magnetic Pans

• 1 Mini Sponge

• 50 assorted tattoo stencils

• A set of instructions describing how to apply your HI-Def Pigment Tattoos

All of our pigments are all natural, vegan, made in the USA, and are safe, gentle and long lasting.

*Works great with the Artemix Palette!

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