Introducing our Original, Frontline, Customizable product-

The Artemix® Palette!

A Magnetic Artist’s Mixing Palette

The Artemix Palette is a never-been-seen before revolutionary tool for artists, art appreciators, and makeup junkies alike!

It’s an innovative, artist’s mixing palette with ten magnets surrounding the palette, allowing you to magnetically attach, detach, interchange, and custom blend your own personal products, comfortably and on-the-go.

We have developed a magnetic system. Use our ten magnetic containers, fill them with your own cosmetic products, and magnetically attach them to your palette! We have designed, and patented The Artemix Palette with the artist in mind, so you can blend your products in the center of the palette to create unique shades.

How it works: A simple three-step process.

STEP 1- Choose Your Products:

The Artemix Palette is the ULTIMATE MIXING TOOL!
Our premium feature of this lightweight palette, is the ability to customize, mix and match up to ten products of your choice freely! We have shaped The Artemix Palette in a classic way, which allows you to blend your products in the center of the palette.

STEP 2- Mix and Match Magnet Magic:

Say goodbye to your messy workspace! Toss those heavy, cramped and cluttered palettes!
Say HELLO to our very first, multi-purpose, lightweight, magnetic palette designed to keep you comfortable and at ease, while doing what you love!

We’ve provided our own magnetic empty containers, and magnetic mixing pans to depot, mix, and custom blend your colors as needed ALL on The Artemix Palette. Our magnetic containers create a secure bond, attaching and detaching to our palette so you are able to CUSTOMIZE, INTERCHANGE, and DE-CLUTTER your space fast and efficiently.


So now you have your custom on-the-go palette. Now what? Well kindred spirits, it's time to finally create freely, with literally nothing weighing you down! Securely hold your palette through the indented thumbhole, and work your magic! Any makeup artist, body artist and face painter, will be able to fly through large events, such as high fashion runway, film, theatre, festivals, and many more!

Mix Away Mixologists!