The Artemix® Palette

A Magnetic Artist’s Mixing Palette

The Artemix Palette is a revolutionary tool for artists of all types, such as Body Painters, Makeup Artists, Facepainters, Special FX Artists, Temporary Tattoo Artists and more! It’s an innovative artist’s mixing palette with ten magnets surrounding the surface, allowing you to magnetically attach, detach, interchange, and custom blend your products, comfortably and on-the-go. We have developed a magnetic system, where you can use our magnetic containers, fill them with your own cosmetic products, and magnetically attach them to your palette! We have designed, shaped, and patented The Artemix Palette with the artist in mind, so you can blend your products in the center of the palette to create unique shades.

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The Artemix Magnetic System Includes:

Magnetic Palette – A tool used to magnetically interchange products and blend so you can create efficiently!

Magnetic Empty Containers – Allows you to store your products and mix and match freely while    creating a secure bond, allowing you to customize and interchange products.

Magnetic Mixing Pans- For mixing or de-potting your own custom products.

Magnetic Stickers- Peel off the backing to attach your non-magnetized pans.